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Friday, 20th July 2012

Static Caravan ExhibitionWith the recent storms and bad flooding throughout parts of the UK, insurance claims for flood related damage are on the rise.

As a homeowner you will most likely be insured against such tradegies however is your holiday home or static caravan insurance up to scratch?

With any recession we all tighten our spending and cut down costs that we neither can really afford or need. However for those of you who have stopped paying their static caravan insurance we would like you to heed a note of could cost you £1,000's!

Throughout Wales, the South East and the North East of England there have been severe bouts of localised flooding and landslides. In June the Sun newspaper covered flooding on Static Caravan Holiday Parks and highlighted the dangers it can cause. These can be very costly if they happen on your holiday park but other factors should also be considered if you are thinking about stopping your static caravan insurance.

Your holiday park will most likely require you to have some kind of insurance for your static caravan. It will be a clause in your agreement with the park. If you fail to have adequate insurance then you could be at risk of not being able to keep your caravan on that particular park so you should check your agreement before you even consider doing anything

Not only does caravan insurance protect you against flood damage costs, but it will also ensure that any damage to your caravan that is suffered throughout the year will also be protected by that cover. Another point to bear in mind is that if you rent out your static caravan you will require insurance to cover issues over third party claims.

Third party claims are those that we all dread. If someone injures themselves in your static caravan and you are not protected against this type of incident then they will be looking for compensation from you. This can run into £1000's, even £10,000's and can cripple your chances of being able to rent out your caravan ever again.

We know that this article sounds like we are scare mongering. However, it is all about ensuring that both your investment and pocket is saved from greater costs in the future. Static caravan insurance isn't that expensive and your holiday park will most likely be able to organise some insurance for you.

So please take our advice and ensure that you are adequately protected against any issues that could occur and have the right caravan insurance for your static caravan.

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07/06/2012: Willerby Vogue Connoisseur.
We have just released details of the 2012 Willerby Vogue Connoisseur. We have a full photo gallery as well as information and specification details of this amazing static caravan. It certainly has to be seen to be believed so have a look online now!

11/05/2012: New Holiday Home Website.
It's taken us a few weeks to get things resolved, but the new holiday homes website is now live. We have been working hard on ensuring that the information about these new holiday homes is up to date and gives you as much knowledge as possible about static caravans and holiday homes as possible. You can contact holiday parks directly through our website or alternatively you can request a few holiday parks to quote you. If your enquiry comes through Direct Caravans then they will know you are looking for a great deal and won't mess you about!

08/05/2012: VAT Charged on Static Caravans and Holiday Homes
There has been a lot of press recently about the proposed introduction of VAT on the sale of static caravans. We see this as a diabolical tax on the hard working people of Great Britain, however the UK Government seem hell bent on taxing us further. There is currently a timescale of October 2012 before VAT will be charged on static caravans however there is an e-petition available for you to show your disgust at the proposals - we urge you to act now!