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Upgrading from a Touring Caravan to a Static Caravan

Friday, 27th July 2012

My partner and I were speaking to a couple today who own a touring caravan. They popped into see the showroom static caravan at Bridgemere Garden Centre near Nantwich and it peaked their interest in buying one.

After talking to them they were a little pensive about having a caravan in one location. Their fear is that they may get bored with going to the same place over and over again. However, although they enjoy touring around the UK and seeing different places they only really do this for 2 to 3 weeks per year.

This is common in the touring community. They own a touring caravan but due to time constraints of a busy home and work life they cannot get away as often as they like. I raised the point that if they had a static caravan then the ability to quickly get away would actually be easier than with a tourer - there is no "loading up, hitching up, setting up" to go through so you can get away much faster.

There are obvious benefits of being able to travel around the UK on your holidays, but if you are stuck with time then a static caravan is possibly the best option for you. Here are some reasons as to why:

You know the area where you static caravan is located
How much time to you spend finding the right places to eat or find places to spend the day and then end up disappointed? With a static caravan you can explore the area at leisure and build up your favourite places to visit over a longer period of time. You will meet new people, build long-term friendships and really get to know the area in which yoour static caravan is located.

A home from home
The main benefit of owning a static is that you can store clothes, belongings and the normal day-to-day things you need when your on holiday. You won't have to pack everything before you go and then when you arrive have to set it up or buy new. Your static caravan will end up being a home from home so you can easily get away, arrive at your destination and start enjoying your holiday extremely quickly.

Weekends Away
I mentioned above that when you have a touring caravan you need to pack it, hitch it to the car, tow it (at moderate speed) and then set it up when you arrive at your destination. The hassle of this is removed when you own a static caravan so you can enjoy weekends away at the drop of a hat rather than having to plan everyting before you go. You get the flexibility to go away, arrive in a comfortable destination and enjoy your holiday with less hassle when compared to getting ready for a touring caravan break.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against touring caravans or motorhomes - I actually own a motorhome as well as a static caravan. The point I am trying to make is that if you have a tourer but use it for less than 3 weeks per year you may be better off getting a static caravan as you may find you use it more. The people I spoke to today had the issue over time in getting ready, travelling and then setting it up. The static caravan option would remove that for them and therefore allow them to enjoy odd weekends away and much more.

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11/05/2012: New Holiday Home Website.
It's taken us a few weeks to get things resolved, but the new holiday homes website is now live. We have been working hard on ensuring that the information about these new holiday homes is up to date and gives you as much knowledge as possible about static caravans and holiday homes as possible. You can contact holiday parks directly through our website or alternatively you can request a few holiday parks to quote you. If your enquiry comes through Direct Caravans then they will know you are looking for a great deal and won't mess you about!

08/05/2012: VAT Charged on Static Caravans and Holiday Homes
There has been a lot of press recently about the proposed introduction of VAT on the sale of static caravans. We see this as a diabolical tax on the hard working people of Great Britain, however the UK Government seem hell bent on taxing us further. There is currently a timescale of October 2012 before VAT will be charged on static caravans however there is an e-petition available for you to show your disgust at the proposals - we urge you to act now!