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Why a Static Caravan Holiday?

Thursday, 19th July 2012

Static Caravan HolidayStatic caravans are a great way to enjoy a holiday in the UK and abroad. They offer you a place to stay whilst you explore the surroundings of the location you have chosen to site your new holiday home.

In the past static caravans were deemed as being cold, miserable places where you had to use an outside toilet when you needed relief. However the once humble static caravan is now an opulent and wonderful investment in your lifestyle that will give you and your family the freedom to holiday whenever you feel like taking some time out.

The main manufacturers have invested heavily in research and design to find out what exactly we want out of a static caravan holiday and have then implemented these into stunning layouts and designs. Those manufacturers include:

  • Atlas
  • ABI
  • BK Bluebird
  • Regal
  • Willerby

Obviously there are other manufacturers of static caravans however these 5 offer you a great selection of caravans to choose from.

Today many caravans come with central heating, en-suite bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, stylish kitchens and free standing sofas and lounge furniture. These add up to some great amenities for holidaymakers when they choose a static caravan as their preferred holiday destination.

There are many holiday parks throughout the UK where you can source a new holiday home. Many of them offer a host of amenities that will suit families with some offering a slower pace of life which would tend to be suited to couples or the older generation looking for long-stay opportunities.

Either way you can always find a holiday park that will tick all of the boxes on your holiday home checklist.
When you are looking for a static caravan and a holiday park to site it make sure you do your research. You cannot afford to make the mistake of buying the wrong holiday home and then placing it on the wrong site. It’s not a small investment and moving a static caravan isn’t as easy as hitching it to your car!

Start with holiday home. Make a list of things you need from it and plan for the future. If you are a couple a two bedroom model will probably suit you. But do you have a large family that you might want to accommodate on a regular basis? If this is the case then you may need to look at a 3 bedroom model to give you more sleeping capacity. Bear in mind that if you do you will lose living area, so there has to be a compromise if this situation fits your life.
Central heating is becoming a standard option. However you can save money by opting for a holiday home without it or double glazing. However from my experience these two features really add a massive benefit to the enjoyment on your holidays.

Free standing furniture is another great development in holiday home design. But they do have their downsides as you cannot seat any more than 4/5 people and a 3 bedroom model could mean that you need seating for 6 so fixed furniture could be an added benefit.

When it comes to looking for a holiday park, take a note of your preferences:
  • Do you like a bar on-site?
  • Do you want evening entertainment?
  • Do you have children and therefore require a play area to keep them amused?

These 3 simple questions will dictate a lot about the holiday park you choose. Larger parks offer a host of amenities but they do tend to be louder and more crammed in with caravans. Quieter parks differ as they are more spread out and also give you the potential of having a private garden to enjoy the summer weather.

A new holiday home on the right holiday park is a wonderful investment in your free time. So plan it carefully, look online for holiday parks before you visit so you can compare their features and then examine which caravans suit your needs.

In truth, we love our holiday home and the park is amazing but we have been doing this for over 30 years so have a great amount of experience in it. Do your research and I’m sure you will enjoy yours as much as we do ours.

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07/06/2012: Willerby Vogue Connoisseur.
We have just released details of the 2012 Willerby Vogue Connoisseur. We have a full photo gallery as well as information and specification details of this amazing static caravan. It certainly has to be seen to be believed so have a look online now!

11/05/2012: New Holiday Home Website.
It's taken us a few weeks to get things resolved, but the new holiday homes website is now live. We have been working hard on ensuring that the information about these new holiday homes is up to date and gives you as much knowledge as possible about static caravans and holiday homes as possible. You can contact holiday parks directly through our website or alternatively you can request a few holiday parks to quote you. If your enquiry comes through Direct Caravans then they will know you are looking for a great deal and won't mess you about!

08/05/2012: VAT Charged on Static Caravans and Holiday Homes
There has been a lot of press recently about the proposed introduction of VAT on the sale of static caravans. We see this as a diabolical tax on the hard working people of Great Britain, however the UK Government seem hell bent on taxing us further. There is currently a timescale of October 2012 before VAT will be charged on static caravans however there is an e-petition available for you to show your disgust at the proposals - we urge you to act now!