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Top 5 Tips - Choosing a Holiday Park

If you are looking at owning a static caravan or holiday home one important aspect is where you should keep it.
For those of you that are new to owning a holiday home then this guide will help point you in the right direction when choosing a park.

  • Location

    You have to know where you want to locate your holiday home. There are over 1400 holiday parks in the UK that will allow you to site a static caravan or holiday home so you have to filter them down!

    You may have a preference to North Wales or the east coast. Whichever the location ensure that you spend plenty of time there before you start looking at which holiday homes will suit you. You have to ensure that you will enjoy the local area so that you will want to keep going back each year.

  • Fine tune your requirements

    Holiday parks offer a variety of amenities to attract you in. All holiday parks are different and even those owned by Park Resorts all have something different to offer. You need to ascertain what you want out of your holiday and write a simple checklist so that you can compare them. This will allow you to evaluate which holiday park is right for you and the future of your UK holidays.

  • What’s your budget?

    Along with buying your holiday home there will be:

    • Annual Site Fees
    • Connection charges
    • Utility charges (gas, electric)
    • Maintenance costs

    It’s important to look at all of the costs that come with owning a holiday home. Make sure you add all of these up and then see if you can afford it. There are options to support the costs such as renting your holiday home out, but you should also ensure that you can afford them on your own.

  • What deals are available?

    Many holiday parks will offer you a deal on the sale of a new static caravan. It’s not just about a discount however! Look at what they can waive in terms of site fees, siting fees and other incentives to win your business.

    Our advertisers/holiday parks will hate us for saying this, but its all part of the process and they do want to win your business so ask them nicely and they will offer you incentives to buy.

  • Think with your head, not your heart!

    This is a considered purchase. You need to ensure you are totally happy with your choice of Holiday Park before you sign on the dotted line. You may fall in love with a particular holiday park but do think about things rationally.

These are just 5 quick tips on choosing a holiday park but you can browse through our selection of parks that have chosen to advertise with us to find out more about them. You are about to embark on a great investment in your families holidaying so good luck and if we can help any further email us at

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29/07/2013: Year Round Living in Static Caravans.
A consultation period has begun in Wales in relation to people who choose to live 12 months of the year in their static caravans. Clwyd West AM Darren Millar, is looking to hear from Park Owners and Static Caravan Owners on their thoughts as he believes this is hitting the local economy with a lack of council tax payments.

07/06/2012: Willerby Vogue Connoisseur
We have just released details of the 2012 Willerby Vogue Connoisseur. We have a full photo gallery as well as information and specification details of this amazing static caravan. It certainly has to be seen to be believed so have a look online now!

11/05/2012: New Holiday Home Website.
It's taken us a few weeks to get things resolved, but the new holiday homes website is now live. We have been working hard on ensuring that the information about these new holiday homes is up to date and gives you as much knowledge as possible about static caravans and holiday homes as possible. You can contact holiday parks directly through our website or alternatively you can request a few holiday parks to quote you. If your enquiry comes through Direct Caravans then they will know you are looking for a great deal and won't mess you about!